Germany and Luxembourg tightened their links with France were at last week's Cannes Film Festival by striking co-production treaties.

Alongisde their main treaty, French and German culture ministers Catherine Tasca and Julian Nida-Ruemelin agreed to each provide Euro 1.52m a year for producing German-French films. Features benefiting from the support "must be in the interest of both states and make a contribution to the artistic quality of film co-production."

The main co-production treaty between France and Germany allows the producer's stake in a film's budget to vary between 20% and 80% of the production costs. Co-productions made under this treaty will be regarded as national films in both states and therefore enjoy all incentives provided for film productions.

Relations between France and Luxembourg were firmed up with a treaty allowing co-production stakes to range between 10% and 90%. The pact was signing by Tasca and her Luxembourg opposite number, Francois Biltgen.