This week, France's state council reversed the rating originally given to Larry Clark's controversial Ken Park released in theatres last October. While the film was initially stamped with a 'no children under 16 rating' the board said the cut off age should be upped to 18.

The council has partially cancelled the film's exhibition visa although it did not place Ken Park on a list of pornographic or violence inciting films as had been requested by Promouvoir, a special interest group which had sparked the reopening of the dossier.

Promouvoir has also spearheaded campaigns in the past against such films as Le Pornographe and Baise-Moi. The visa will be reinstated once modifications are made. The film, distributed by Pan European, is currently still playing in two theatres in Paris. Pan European could not be reached for comment.

The brouhaha comes up just before the classification system is set to be re-examine as a whole in March.