France and Spain have the largest number of animation projects and finished works being presented at this year's CARTOON MOVIE forum to be held at the Babelsberg Studios from March 11-13.

French producers are represented with eleven works including Les Armateurs' Les Triplettes De Belleville, Prima Linea Productions' U and Lardux Films' Nuages, while eight Spanish features are being pitched by companies like Filmax Animation (Donkey Xote), Accio (Flying Heroes) and Irusoin/Dibulitoon Studio (Waste Side Story).

Germany and Denmark have four films each, while Italy, Luxembourg and the UK are coming to Babelsberg with two productions apiece. In addition, the European Union's impending enlargement will be reflected in the presence of animation producers from Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland and Bulgaria.

In total, 39 completed films and projects will be seeking finance, co-production partners or national or international distributors at the event which is expected to be attended by some 470 producers, financiers, TV buyers and distributors.