Charlie's Angels: FullThrottle passed $100m at theinternational box office on Saturday (19), its 24th day of release, continuingits strong momentum from last weekend.

Overall the action sequeltook $17m for Columbia TriStar Film Distributors International (CTFDI) from amassive 6,140 screens in 56 territories for a $109.4m running total.

The only new major territoryof the weekend was France, where it opened number one on $4m from 706 screens,some 3% bigger than the 2001 original (comparisons in Euros).

The angels held on to numberone in second weeks in Germany and Austria. The UK added $1.9m, slipping 28%,for $14.7m. This figure is expected to rise as school holidays begin in the UKthis week.

In its second internationalweekend, T3: Rise Of The Machinesadded $18.2m from 1,380 screens in 21 territories for a $55m running total.Figures include Japan, where the film is distributed by Toho-Towa.

T3 opened number one in Australia on $4.8m from 377screens. It was the 10th biggest opening ever, surpassing Pearl Harbor and MenIn Black.

In the biggest opening ofthe year in Taiwan the film opened number one on $700,000 from 18 prints inTaipei. CTFDI claims the opening was 50% bigger than The Matrix Reloaded.

It also opened top in NewZealand, grossing $1m from 65 prints for the fifth biggest bow ever in theterritory and outperforming Spider-Man.

T3 held on to top spot in second weeks in Malaysia andThailand.

Meanwhile the comedy DaddyDay Care, which recently passed$100m in the US, added $2.8m over the weekend including a $230,000 number onebow in South Africa.

After opening in nineinternational markets the film has a $19.3m running total with plenty left toopen.

The distributor also claimedsomething of a coup this weekend with top three spots in Australia and NewZealand, in the order of T3, Charlie's Angels and Daddy Day Care.