UK production company also working on documentary about Lt Col James Bo Gritz and low-budget London horror film.

UK production company Fulwell 73 is planning a feature biopic about Laurie Cunningham, the pioneering black football player who tragically died at age 33. Theatre veteran Kwame Kwei-Armah is writing the script now.

Cunningham, born in 1956, was the first black player for England Under-21s and the first English player to transfer to Real Madrid. He was also a ballet dancer.

Fulwell 73 is currently in post-production on feature documentary The Ballad of a Green Beret. The film is about Lt Col James Bo Gritz, the most decorated soldier in American history (the characters of Rambo and Col. Kurtz were based on him). The film follows the 80-year-old ex-commander on a journey to save a boy’s life, to redeem his violent past.

Andrea Zimmerman directs and Leo Pearlman produces.

Also, Fulwell 73 is in pre-production on the micro-budget horror film London, set in contemporary London. The film will combine “stalker” footage with home-invasion horror scenes. The filmmakers describe it as a “cross between Big Brother and The Blair Witch Project.” Daniel Mendelle will direct and producers are Leo Pearlman and Gabe Turner.

Fulwell 73, which previously made In The Hands Of The Gods, is also working on ITV’s James Corden’s World Cup Live.