Grosvenor Park is returning to lending on film after exiting the space in 2008 and expects to put $100m to work over the next year for projects in the $10m-$30m range.

The company also announced it is launching an EIS (Enterprise Investment Schemes) film fund in the UK this autumn that will allow it to invest in bigger films. Grosvenor Park will provide senior, gap and tax lending collateralised against international territory rights.

“Now is an optimal time to re-enter the film lending space given the strength of the marketplace and the current industry dynamics as evidenced by a resurgence of sales activity at the most recent film markets,” partner Don Starr said. “The demand for independent product is stronger than ever.”

Grosvenor Park launched in 1982 and has arranged financing for more than 400 projects such as The Hurt Locker, Righteous Kill and PS I Love You.