Wolfgang Becker's Good Bye, Lenin! swept the board at the German Film Awards by picking up a record nine Lolas - seven Golden Lolas with prize-money totalling Euros 560,000 and the two Audience Awards - to add to the Lola that Becker and co-author Bernd Lichtenberg won for Best Filmed Screenplay during the Berlinale last year.

Lenin's tally is five more than last year's Nowhere In Africa, which received five Lolas and then went on win the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, and tops X-Filme Creative Pool's other big international hit - the 1998 Run Lola Run by Tom Tykwer - which won seven German Film Awards in 1999.

The only disappointment for the Lenin team was that the Lola for Best Lead Actress went to Hannelore Elsner for her performance in Oliver Hirschbiegel's Mein Letzter Film rather than to Katrin Sass, but this "aberration" by the jury was probably soon forgotten with the news that Becker's film had been picked up Sony Pictures Classics for the US on the eve of the awards ceremony (see separate story).

Altogether, 18 Lolas - 16 Gold and two Silver - were awarded in 12 categories with prize-money amounting to Euros 2.9m as well as two Audience Awards for Best Film and Best Actor/Actress.

The complete list of winners is as follows:

Best Feature Film
Film Award in Gold - Good Bye, Lenin! - Dir: Wolfgang Becker
Film Award in Silver - Lichter - Dir: Hans-Christian Schmid
Film Award in Silver - Nackt - Dir: Doris Doerrie

Best film for children and young people
Film Award in Gold - Das Fliegende Klassenzimmer -Dir: Tomy Wigand

Best Documentary
Film Award in Gold - Rivers And Tides -Dir: Thomas Riedelsheimer

Film Awards in Gold for "outstanding artistic individual achievements":
Best Lead Actress: Hannelore Elsner (Mein Letzter Film)
Best Lead Actor: Daniel Bruehl (Good Bye, Lenin! and Elefantenherz)
Best Supporting Actress: Corinna Harfouch (Bibi Blocksberg)
Best Supporting Actor: Florian Lukas (Good Bye, Lenin!)
Best Direction: Wolfgang Becker (Good Bye, Lenin!)
Best Editing: Peter Adam (Good Bye, Lenin!)
Best Cinematography: Thomas Riedelsheimer (Rivers And Tides)
Best Music: Yann Tiersen (Good Bye, Lenin!)
Production Design: Lothar Holler (Good Bye, Lenin!)
Best Screenplay (filmed): Fickende Fische (Scr: Almut Getto)
Best Screenplay (unfilmed): Napola (Scrs: Maggie Peren/Dennis Gansel)

Honorary Film Award for outstanding services to German cinema - Prof. Ulrich Gregor

Best Foreign Language Film - The Hours - Dir: Stephen Daldry

Audience Awards 2003
German Feature Film of the Year: Good Bye, Lenin!
Actor of the Year: Daniel Bruehl