Sid Ganis' Out of the Blue... Entertainment has optioned the feature film remake rights to Journeys With George, Alexandra Pelosi's acclaimed video diary of George W Bush's 2000 presidential campaign that will air on HBO on US Election Night, Nov 5. Ganis and Nancy Hult Ganis will produce the feature adaptation, which will focus on the travails of a dynamic young reporter who is assigned to trail a presidential candidate whose politics she opposes.

The picture mirrors reality in that Pelosi, who at the time of filming was a 29-year-old NBC producer, comes from a distinguished family of Democrats. Her mother Nancy Pelosi is a California Congresswoman and House Minority Whip while her grandfather, Thomas D'Alesandro Jr, was a five-term Democratic Congressman from Maryland. Pelosi's documentary follows the Bush campaign in its entirety and was shot on a personal video recorder. Nancy Hult Ganis, a journalist and friend of the Pelosi family, brought the project to Out of the Blue.

The project will be overseen by Out of the Blue executives Alex Siskin and Mandy Safavi and writers and director are being sought. Out of the Blue... Entertainment is based at Sony Pictures Entertainment and its production credits include Mr Deeds and Big Daddy for Columbia Pictures, The Master Of Disguise for Revolution and Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigolo for Disney.