Fox International's Garfield was the number one international picture at theweekend, clawing in $9.7m on 3,360 screens to elevate its running total to$65m.

Highlights were $932,000 on184 screens in Russia for an unconfirmed ranking, an excellent $418,000 on 63in Norway for an unconfirmed ranking, and a number one $440,000 debut inHungary on 29 screens.

Strong holdovers also playeda part as the comedy added $1.7m on 619 in its second weekend in Germany for a$5.3m running total there after a 24% drop, and $1.4m on 504 in France for$5.8m, dropping a mere 4%.

The sci-fi thriller I,Robot grossed $6.2m on 3,684 screensto raise its international cumulative score to $140.3m.

The picture added $1.2m inits fourth weekend in Germany for a $17.1m total, and $1.5m in its fourthweekend in the UK for $29.5m.

The comedy Dodgeball grossed $4.3m on 514 screens for a $4.6m internationalrunning total, powered by a $3.9m number one UK launch on 314 that includedpreviews. It opened in fifth place in Mexico on $331,000 on 200.

Alien Vs Predator raised its early running total by $1.8m to $5.7m,fuelled by number one openings in Malaysia and Taiwan on $492,000 on 89 and$743,000 on 146.