Fox International's Garfieldenjoyed a superb $4m number one launch including previews on 349 screens inSpain at the weekend, the highlight of an $8.4m weekend haul from 3,406 screensin 41 markets that raised the comedy's international running total to $77.7m.

Dodgeball grossed $2.6m on 564 screens for $10.6m. It added$2.1m on 314 in its second weekend in the UK, dropping 37% for a $9.2m runningtotal there.

Alien Vs Predator grossed $2.1m on 840 in eight markets for $8.4m. Itopened second in Brazil on $576,000 on 261, and was the top ranking MPAApicture in Korea on $892,000 on 195.

I, Robot added $3.4m on 2,565 screens, powered by anexcellent $443,000 on 68 for first place in Portugal.