FoxInternational's comedy Garfield is on the cusp of $100m after a $5.5m weekend haul on 2,803international screens raised the cumulative total to $99.8m.

Highlights werea third place $1.1m debut in Italy on 239 and $432,000 on 71 in South Africa.

The picture heldwell in second place in its second weekend in Australia, adding $1.1m on 272and dropping 19% for a $3.5m running total.

Another Foxcomedy, Dodgeball,raised its total by $4.8m on 1,524 screens for $30.1m. France opened in fourthplace on $1.1m on 345 and Belgium opened on $249,000 on 40.

Sci-fi thriller I,Robot added $4.3m on1,111 international screens for a $169.8m cumulative score. Japan remained topin its second weekend on $3.2m on 551 for an excellent $15.2m total.

The drama ManOn Fire added $1.6m on862 sites for $15.6m; the highlight was a $490,000 South Korean debut on 100.

Two actionhorror pictures notched up moderate business, with Alien Vs Predator adding $718,000 on 800 internationalscreens for an $18m total, and Resident Evil: Apocalypse remaining top in its second weekend inTaiwan on $409,000 on 122 for a $2.1m total there.