Digital effects software provider GenArts and effects house Lucasfilm have expanded their long-standing relationship with a broad strategic alliance.

Under the agreement, Lucasfilm will deploy GenArts software across the compositing host systems at its companies including Industrial Light & Magic, Lucasfilm Animation, and Lucasfilm Animation Singapore.

The partners will explore ways of expanding the use of GenArts software across film, television, animation, games and other media, and collaborate on developing visual effects technology across all Lucasfilm divisions.

Richard Kerris, CTO of LucasFilm, said: “GenArts software delivers incredible consistency for the artists’ experience across a wide range of compositing systems. This makes it the ideal choice to help Lucasfilm achieve our goal to deliver visual continuity across feature films, television, games and future entertainment mediums.”

“Over the last 12 years, GenArts has earned our reputation as an innovative technology provider as well as an industry thought leader,”’ GenArts CEO Katherine Hays added. “We’re pleased that Lucasfilm has affirmed that distinction by selecting GenArts software to be a standard component of their compositing vocabulary.”