Cinemaadmissions in Germany were down 27% and box office takings 25.5% less in thethird quarter between July and September compared to the same period last year,according to figures collated by Nielsen EDI.

Thestatisticians noted that releases like Madagascar(Euros 34.6m), War Of The Worlds(Euros 16.5m) and the local film Die Weisse Masai (Euros 7.4m)were some consolatation for the depressed picturewhich saw admissions slip by an overall 20% year-on-year for the first ninemonths of 2005.

Accordingto industry insiders, the expected final negative result at the end of Decembershould be cushioned somewhat, though -to 14% less admissions over 2004 - thanks to such forthcoming strongreleases as the new Wallace & Gromit film, TheMarch of The Penguins, The Chronicles Of Narnia, KingKong and the latest instalment of the HarryPotter franchise.

Just overa month ago, the German Federal Film Board indicated in its report for thefirst six months that despite a slight increase in ticket prices - the cost ofticket rose from an average Euros 5.80 to Euros 5.84 - box office revenues slipped by 16% from2004's Euros 419.6m to Euros 352.5m between January and June.