Germany's State Minister for Culture Christina Weiss has voiced her support for the creation of an AMPAS-style German Film Academy.

In an interview with the Berlin daily newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, Weiss said there was a need for "a forum for the artistic interests of the industry", but stressed that she would not want to hand over the annual German Film Awards to a future Academy and only serve as the paymaster.

"I want to continue having an independent jury, and a state film award also makes sense in the future as a funding instrument", Weiss said. "But a film academy could organise film weeks with our support in the repertory cinemas so that the nominating academy members can see possible candidates together with the public. That would be an original, extensive promotion for the German cinema."

Last year, a group of key industry players led by producer Bernd Eichinger suggested that a body modelled on Hollywood's Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences be established to decide on the winners for the German Film Awards held each June.