Onthe eve of this year's Cannes Film Market, German film director/media fundmanager Uwe Boll has unveiled plans for his group ofcompanies under the mantle of Boll AG to be listed in the Frankfurt StockExchange's Entry Standard before the summer.

Accordingto a company announcement, the injection of fresh cash through a stock marketflotation - the financial newspaper Boersen Zeitung had speculated about an amount near $10.2m (Euros8m) - would be used for "the improvement of Boll AG's marketposition" and "by no means" serve as an alternative source oftax-shelter financing.

Untilnow, Boll had raised more than $337.9m (Euros 265m) from private Germanindividuals for his nine media funds to invest in adaptations of popular videogames such as Alone InThe Dark, Blood Rayne and The HouseOf The Dead which were directed by Boll himself.

Infuture, Boll AG intends to handle the international sales of its ownproductions as well as to take on sales of films by third parties.

Thecompanywould be present at the international film markets -- especially Cannes and the American FilmMarket in Los Angeles -- to market thesetitles with an in-house sales label and would also set up sales offices at keylocations around the globe such as Los Angeles.

Inaddition, Boll AG intends to establish its own German distribution structureand handle the exploitation of rights itself.