New features by Dennis Gansel, Sherry Hormann, Ben Verbong and three graduation films by students of Munich's Academy for Television & Film (HFF) are among the film projects receiving over Euros 5m from Bavaria's regional film fund FFF Bayern.

Olga Film's production of Dennis Gansel's historical drama Napola about the decisions to be taken by a working-class boy who becomes a pupil at a Nazi elite school in 1942 received the largest amount with Euros 1.45m.

This was followed by Hofmann & Voges Entertainment's teen zombie comedy Die Nacht Der Lebenden Loser - to be directed by Mathias Dinter - with Euros 999,000, and Sherry Hormann's gay football comedy Lattenknaller for Hager Moss Film with Euros 730,000.

In addition, Collina Filmproduktion received Euros 200,000 from the fund for Das Sams II - Das Sams In Gefahr, Ben Verbong's sequel to his successful 2001 family film Das Sams (The Slurb).

Meanwhile, over Euros 500,000 was allocated to graduation projects by HFF students Markus Moerth (Allerseelen), Carolin Dassel (Sehnsucht) and Dorothea Koerner (Seymour) and film debuts by Mona Lenz (Der Grosse Schlaf) and Tobias Fruehmorgen (Menschenkoerper).