Producers Eberhard Junkersdorf and Dietmar Guntsche's private German media fund Neue Bioskop Germany (NBG) has teamed up with US producer

Junkersdorf said that the co-operation with production and commercials outfit, a producer of Oscar nominated documentary The Fog Of War, would "immediately give us a partner at our side who has access to an international network as well as having developed outstanding English language projects."

"Our interest in producing films here in Germany and Europe are very high", radical's chairman Jon Kamen stressed. "Creatively, these are the kinds of films we want to make. So we can see this partnership as building a bridge from Europe to the US."

Both partners stress that the NBG funds will not restrict themselves to in-house productions of Neue Bioskop and radical, but will also be open to projects from third parties.

The first NBG fund raised Euros 8m last year to be invested in two German language productions - Goldrausch by Michael Pohl and Eight Miles High by Marc Rothemund - to be shot this year. The next NBG funds - as part of the partnership with radical - are being launched to raise Euros 50m for English language projects.