Private German media fund Cinerenta is to become more "hands on" in the development and production of the features it finances - moving away from the previous strategy of coming onboard projects developed by other producers.

"We are to become more involved in development and are expanding our production department in Munich", said newly-installed CEO Marco Mehlitz (pictured). "In addition, we will be opening a production office in Babelsberg soon".

Referring to the agreement reached with the Babelsberg studios to dedicate Cinerenta's sixth fund to projects being shot there, Mehlitz stressed that the fund "holds true to our promise and commitment to Babelsberg. We are currently discussing four projects from the six pictures Cinerenta plans to produce this year, three to shoot partly or fully at Babelsberg and one to use the postproduction facilities."

The six features will be financed by Cinerenta's fifth fund and previous placements.