German media funds raised Euros 1.76 bn equity from private individuals in 2003, according to a survey of 40 initiators by fund specialist Stefan Loipfinger.

Michael Oehme, board member of the media funds' interest group Verband Deutscher Medienfonds (VDM), told that these figures showed that the media funds had stabilised and even reported an increase on 2002's Euros 1.6bn.

He pointed out that the good result was not only due to the so-called "grandfather funds" which operated under the old legislation, but also thanks to the success of new fund concepts developed to be in line with the amendments to the Media Ruling (, August 2003)

According to Loipfinger's calculations, Munich-based Alcas/KGAL - whose MMDP Munich Movie Development & Production fund was launched last year to raise finance for projects at Paramount Pictures - raised Euros 398.1m, while VIP - producer of the Marvel comic adaptation The Punisher, the Oscar-nominated Monster and Uli Edel's The Ring - more than quadrupled its 2002 volume of Euros 61.3m to collect Euros 238.4m from private investors last year.


1 Alcas/KGAL Euros 398.1m (Euros 250m)
2 Hannover HL Leasing Euros 253.2m (Euros 371.1m)
3 VIP Vermoegensberatung Euros 238.4m (Euros 61.3m)
4 Ideenkapital/GVP/Mediastream Euros 231.5m (Euros 292m)
5 ApolloMedia Euros 111m (Euros 70.2m)
6 LHI Leasing Euros 98.7m (Euros 41m)
7 DCM Deinboeck Euros 64.9m (Euros 46m)
8 SachsenFonds Euros 46.7m (Euros 45.7m)
9 ABN Amro Euros 42m (-)
10 Bolu GmbH Euros 37.8m (Euros 25.8m

Amount raised from investors in 2003 (amount raised in 2002)

SOURCE: Stefan Loipfinger