Constantin Film's release of the camp sci-fi spoof (T)Raumschiff Surprise - Periode 1 waspushed off the top spot by the Will Smith futuristic thriller I, Robot with just 4,000 more ticketsbeing sold (698,696 compared to 694,567): the Fox release grossed $ 5.2m on itsopening weekend compared to (T)Raumschiff's$5m which was 43% down on the previous weekend.

According to Constantin, (T)Raumschiffpassed the 3 million admissions mark after just six days, 5 million in 13 daysand topped 6 million in a record 18 days.

Cinema-goers are still flocking to see the film in Austriaand Switzerland: 900,000 tickets have been sold in Austria - equivalent to 9million in Germany - and over 230,000 admissions have been posted in theGerman-speaking part of Switzerland.