Meet TheFockers onlyfaltered slightly on its second weekend, but was still far ahead of the fieldwith a gross that was more than the next two releases combined - Constantineand The Wild Soccer Bunch 2 . The Ben Stiller-Robert de Niro comedy'stotal gross of $ 12.4m makes the UIP release the most successful film at theGerman box office so far this year.

Meanwhile,Marc Rothemund's World War II resistance drama Sophie Scholl - The FinalDays opened strongly with a $ 5,151 screen average from its 202 prints forX Verleih thanks in no small part to the buzz of publicity surrounding the twoSilver Bears last week for Julia Jentsch as Best Actress and Rothemund for BestDirection.

Inaddition, the release date of Feb 24 was astutely timed just two days after the62nd anniversary of Sophie Scholl's execution in Munich in 1943 and thusbenefited from extensive media coverage about the historical background toRothemund's film and the activities of the White Rose resistance group.