Despite the Football Championship in Portugal Harry Potter held up for its thirdweekend with over 600,000 admissions and another $4.8m takings to gross $35.1mso far. With around 4.5m admissions, HarryPotter 3 is set to be the first release this year to pass 5m admissions.

Olga Film's sequel to its Girls On Top (Maedchen Maedchen) teen comedy, Girls On Top 2 (Maedchen Maedchen 2) reunites the actresses of thefirst film with a new director Peter Gersina and proved to be the mostsuccessful of the new openers with 105,066 admissions to take it to third placein the Top 15.

The top screen average, though, was garnered by RichardLinklater's Before Sunset, whichreceived its premiere in February at the Berlinale. Released by Warner Bros.,the film scored an average $5,535 from each of its 50 prints.