Kill Bill Vol. 2 shot into the German box-office charts in poleposition with a screen average of $5,582 from each of its 515 screens to grossover $2.8m in its first weekend. It was one of four BVI releases in the top 6,including Vol. 1 of Kill Bill - now in its 28th week of release - whichre-entered at No. 5 to add another $427,000 to its gross from 402 screens.

However, Vol. 2 did not takethe honours for highest screen average - this distinction went to UIP's releaseof Michael Schorr's Venice Film Festival prize-winner Schultze Gets TheBlues which garnered an average $5,888 from each of its 64 screens.

While some observers had hadreservations about the US major handling this small film - which picked up aGerman Film Prize Best Actor nomination for lead actor Horst Krause last week-, the film's makers speak very positively about the collaboration with UIP.

Indeed, producer JensKoerner of Filmkombinat Nordost and Krause made a point at the Berlin premiereof praising the distributor's preparation of the film's release. As the openingweekend shows, their trust has paid dividends.

Meanwhile, Fatih Akin'sBerlinale winner Head-On - which has picked up four German Film Prizenominations - reappeared in the Top 15.