Digital filmmakers can compete for two new German awards that are being launched at the BerlinBeta Film Festival (August 29 - September 5) and Filmfest Hamburg (September 24-30) this year.

Sponsored by leading postproduction group Das Werk, the BerlinBeta Digital Fiction Award will give the winning film postproduction services with a value of $14,357 (DM 32,000)

Meanwhile, Filmfest Hamburg will inaugurate a $44,866 (DM 100,000) "Digital Technology in Film" award, split between two winning films that have mainly used computer-based multimedia technology.

In addition, the winning producers of the Filmfest Hamburg award will have the chance of doubling their prize money as recent discussions between Filmfest chief Josef Wutz and local Hamburg companies have resulted in them offering to provide services and facilities equal to $44,866 (DM 100,000) on top of the award cash.