Scary Movie 2 took pole position at the German box office over the weekend with $4.4m and a site average of $6,584 from its 663 prints in the penultimate opening weekend before Harry Potter arrives in Germany on an anticipated 1,000-odd screens on November 22;

In terms of admissions, the Scary sequel achieved around 675,000 ticket sales and a average of more than 1,000, although this was less than the opening of the first Scary Movie which posted 850,000 admissions on its first weekend.

While Der Schuh Des Manitu sailed pass the 10m admissions mark and will have now exceeded $50m box office after 17 weeks in the Top 10, three home-grown family films Ben Verbong's Das Sams (The Slurb), and the animation features Die Abrafaxe and Der Kleine Eisbaer (The Little Polar Bear) have between them attracted more than three million cinema-goers in the last six weeks.

Last weekend, The Little Polar Bear released by Warner Bros. on October 4 - sold another 100,000 tickets to take $890,000 and is close to 2m admissions, making it the most successful German children's film since the German Federal Film Board (FFA) began tracking attendances for children's films in 1986.