The German exhibition sector has been maintaining a high level of investment in the national cinema infrastructure, despite widespread caution that cinema construction is outstripping the growth in admissions across many European territories.

During last year, Germany's exhibitors invested more than $355m (DM 800m) in building 448 new cinema screens. (compared to 478 in 1999), with less than half (206) of these located in multiplexes.

Berlin-based German Federal Film Board (FFA) contributed $7.2m (DM 16.3m) towards the construction or renovation of 148 cinema screens.

By the end of 2000, Germany had a total of 4,783 screens, with 3,878 (+2.5%) in the Western half and 905 (+4.3%) in former Eastern Germany.

Total admissions in the territory climbed from 1999's 148.9m to 152.5m last year, while box-office takings increased from $701.4m (DM 1.58bn) to $714.7m (DM 1.61bn).