Soenke Wortmann's Miracle Of Bern - now showing on 634 screens - held on to the top spot for the third week running and is now the second most successful German film this year after Good Bye, Lenin!

The highlight of this weekend's Top 15 is the new entry at No. 3 of Eric Till's $20m Luther which scored a $ 8,837 screen average from its 200 print release. Distributed by the local office of UIP on behalf of the film's German producer NFP teleart and in cooperation with ottfilm, the film had enjoyed a blaze of publicity thanks to a gala premiere in Berlin attended by director Till and cast members Sir Peter Ustinov, Claire Cox, Jonathan Firth, Uwe Ochsenknecht and Maria Simon, the usual round of chat show appearances, and naturally the ideal timing of the film's release just before Reformation Day on October 31.

Indeed, German films seem to be in again: almost half of the top 15 titles are local productions and Wortmann and Till's films are currently joined in the Top 10 by Joachim Masannek's children's football film Die Wilden Kerle - which has attracted almost Euros 3.4m for distributor/co-producer Buena Vista International - and Eberhard Junkersdorf's animation feature Jester Till (Till Eulenspiegel) which has fallen short of distributor Solo-Film's expectations at only Euros 3.3m so far.

Meanwhile, Maxximum's release of the Turkish film Asmali Konak posted the second highest screen average - $ 7,167 - after Luther from its limited print release on 39 screens for the comedy based on a popular soap opera series in Turkey.