Columbia TriStar's release of the Colin Farrell/Samuel L. Jackson police actioner S.W.A.T. stormed the German box office at No. 2 with an impressive $ 4,125 screen average from its 609 prints to take $2.5m on its first weekend (without previews), but was still eclipsed by Buena Vista's Finding Nemo at pole position with almost three times as many admissions and box office takings.

Now into its third week of release, the Pixar production's box office tally of $34.3m is coming near to toppling 2003's current top film, Good Bye, Lenin! which has posted over $46.1m (Euros 38m) so far. Meanwhile, Love Actually held its ground at No. 3 for UIP, but Warner Bros.' release of Looney Tunes - Back In Action had a false start with only 56,222 admissions from its 404 prints and a screen average of $872.

Still playing well down in sixth, Senator's The Miracle Of Bern crossed the three million admission mark at the weekend. It is currently the ninth biggest film of the year having grossed $20.8m and now has T3 ($21.2m) and Bruce Almighty ($22.5m) firmly in its sights.