After four weeks at the top and over $ 80.5m gross to date, The Return Of The King has been toppled by another Warner Bros. release The Last Samurai which has now grossed $ 9.8m in just two weeks.

Constantin Film's release of Lost In Translation has meanwhile gone from strength to strength, climbing to No 3 and registering an impressive $ 6,500 screen average from the now wider release of 116 prints.

Another Constantin Film release - The Recruit starring Colin Farrell and Al Pacino - opened with a respectable $ 4,363 screen average to take $ 671,970 (without previews) at No. 5.

But another release by the German arm of Turkish distributor Maxximum Films - Hababam Sinifi Merhaba at No. 14 - scored the weekend's highest screen average of $ 7,401 from 31 prints.

Already a blockbuster back in Turkey, the film is the remake of a comedy classic from the 1970s about the crazy goings-on in a private school. Last autumn, Maxximum posted a screen average of $ 15,279 for its release of Asmali Konak, the feature-length episode of a highly popular Turkish TV soap.