CineMediaFilm, one of Germany's first integrated media corporations, is merging its internet subsidiary with Heidelberg-based internet marketing platform

CineMedia will receive a 25.1% shareholding in the online marketing venture. already boasts two million page impressions a month, while, along with more traditional concepts such as online booking, kinokasse offers visitors the chance to participate in new films with an investment of Euro 10.

"Through the merger we have reached our goal of incorporating our B2C internet activites into an integrated overall concept for online film marketing," said CineMedia chief financial officer Markus Hoelzl.

Investors in films through kinokasse participate in any later revenues. The holder of the so-called "MovieChip" has access to continuous information about the status of production. kinokasse's services also include information about new releases, a film community and an online shop offering videos, DVDs and merchandising.

"The kinokasse concept is the first internet-based transaction platform which covers the complete value-added chain from financing and marketing through to distribution," said Hoelzl.