German media group H5B5 Media has acquired the exclusive rights to produce a biopic based on the eventful life of Israeli actress Orna Porat.

Born as Irena Kline in Germany, she came to fame on the German stage in the 1930s and was an enthusiastic member of the Hitler Youth. Later, though, she fought in the Israeli War of Independence and was instrumental in making the very first secret peace contacts to the Arab world in the early 1970s.

H5B5 Media will produce the film with Israeli producer Yitzhak Rubin who recently wrote, produced and directed a film with Porat: Shkarim Levanim. The project is already attracting interest from potential co-production partners and broadcasters in the USA and Europe and is set to begin principal photography early next year.

H5B5 Media is currently co-producing Anthony and Joe Russo's heist thriller Welcome To Collinwood with Pandora and Section 8 and is also set to be a production partner on Nicolas Roeg's film version of Stephen Smith's best-selling autobiographical novel Addict.