Buyers are galloping after Oscar nominated Byambasuren Davaa's feature documentary The Two Horses Of Genghis Khan (on Atrix's Cannes slate).

Spanish rights have now gone to Madrid-based Karma Films. Meanwhile, Benelux rights have gone to Contact Films.

The film begins shooting in June in Mongolia and is set for a theatrical release in 2009. It will follow singer Urna as she travels to Mongolia in search of the origins of folk song, The Two Horses Of Genghis Khan. Inspired by the book The Secret History of the Mongols, she investigates the old myths of Genghis Khan while also exploring the local folk music.

Byambasuren Davaa, who was born in Mongolia in 1971, co-directed the Oscar-nominated The Story Of The Weeping Camel and The Cave Of The Yellow Dog. Both features sold widely in the international market.