Ghost Rider's fiery lass tightened its grip on the international arena in the film's second weekend, adding an estimated $16.1m from 3,000 screens in 40 markets for a $39.4m international running total.

The action film opened at number one in Germany through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) on $2.2m from 363 screens. It also opened top in India on $820,000 from 250 for the 12th biggest launch for a Hollywood title. In a non-SPRI release, the film opened in France on approximately $3m.

A series of smaller releases delivered $370,000 from 30 in Belgium for fifth place, $345,000 from 46 in Austria for first place, and $310,000 from 34 in Switzerland for first place. Finland and Peru also generated number one launches on $140,000 from 20 and $120,000 from 30 respectively.

Strong holdovers saw Ghost Rider stay top in Spain on $1.5m from 417 for $5.3m, while it ranked second in Mexico on $1.3m from 403 for $4.4m. The film ranks fourth in Australia after adding $1m from 208 for $3.5m, and number one in Malaysia after adding $625,000 from 66 for a solid $2.1m. Ghost Rider also finished top in the Philippines on $1m.

The Pursuit Of Happyness added $6.1m from 2,825 screens in 52 markets for a $114.7m tally. There were no new releases, however noteworthy holdovers included Japan, which took $975,000 from 274 in its fifth weekend to rank third on $19.5m, and Spain, which added $790,000 from 290 in its fourth to rank fifth on $7m.

After four weekends France, Mexico and Brazil have amassed $6.6m, $5.7m and $4.7m respectively. Germany stands at $11.3m after six.

A Night At The Museum reaped another $9.6m for Fox International from 4,000 screens in 35 markets, raising the cumulative total to $268m. The comedy added $2.4m in its third weekend in France on 657 screens for $11.7m, and followed up last weekend's sensational Hong Kong debut with a tidy $1.1m haul from only 46 screens for $4.1m.

In other second weekend results, Night At The Museum grossed $643,000 from 450 in China for $4m, climbed 22% in Belgium on $910,000 from 85 for $2.2m, and climbed 45% in Holland on $711,000 from 101 for $1.6m. Germany, where the distributor says it has resolved issues with local exhibitors, stands at $2.5m after nine.

Elsewhere in the Fox International firmament, Rocky Balboa brought in $3.8m from 2,000 in 35 for $67.7m, rising to $70m including the non-Fox Scandinavian markets. Weekend business was powered by a $1.6m number one Australian launch from 252.

Notes On A Scandal grossed $3.1m from 850 in 26 for $13.2m. The drama opened in Germany on $440,000 from 122, and it also launched in Italy and Mexico on $420,000 from 93 and $208,000 from 37 respectively. After four weekends the UK has generated $8.7m.

The Last King Of Scotland took $1.9m from 700 in 41 for $15.7m, headed by a sixth place Spanish launch on $420,000 from 96. The film has amassed $9.2m in the UK alone. Oscar nominee Little Miss Sunshine has crossed $35m, while Borat raised its tally to $121.8m after opening in second place in Brazil on $720,000 from 82.

Hot Fuzz continued to rule the roost in the UK, the Universal/UPI comedy grossing an extra $6.8m from 432 sites following a mild 21% drop for 30% market share and a superb $23.6m running total after only two weekends. Next releases are Australia and New Zealand on Mar 15.

The Good Shepherd grossed $2.7m from 756 sites in six territories for $5.2m. The CIA drama opened in fifth place in the UK on $1.3m from 340 sites, and opened in third place in Argentina on $115,000 from 37. Germany generated $700,000 from 130 sites in its second weekend for $1.9m.

Romantic comedy The Holiday crossed $125m and has three territories left including Japan on Mar 24. The action title Smokin' Aces added $500,000 from 270 venues in 13 territories for $12.5m. It opens in nine territories next weekend including Germany.

Music And Lyrics grossed $6m through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) from 1,300 prints in 12 markets and currently stands at $23.5m.

The romantic comedy, which has not endeared itself to US audiences, opened in Italy on $1.8m from 341 prints and was expected to finish the weekend in third place. Hong Kong generated an excellent $624,000 from 32 including previews and was also expected to rank third. The film opened in Thailand on $208,000 from 41 for second place.

Music And Lyrics added $1.9m from 425 sites in its third weekend in the UK for fourth place and a $14m tally. After two weekends it ranks third in Australia and added $1.2m from 232 for $4.1m.

Blood Diamond took in $5.9m from 3,000 prints in 57 markets for $87.5m with only Japan left to open on Apr 7. The adventure drama stands at $13.1m in the UK after five weekends, $8.6m in France after four, and $5.9m in Spain after three.

Oscar nominee Letters From Iwo Jima added $2.7m from 970 prints in 42 markets and it currently stands at $47.1m. It opened in four major markets, generating $744,500 from 153 prints in France, $129,000 from 38 sites in the UK, and $104,000 from 24 prints in Australia, and $92,000 from 58 prints in Germany.

Lionsgate's Saw III has amassed $76m overseas, while comedy Employee Of The Month has grossed $7.1m in the UK after eight weekends.