GinaKwon will receive the 2004 Mark Silverman Fellowship for New Producers, anaward set up in partnership with the Sundance Institute to help independentproducers finance their projects.

Kwonwill receive a $5,000 cash grant to be used in pre-production on Miranda July'sMe And You And Everyone We Know, which is styled as a story aboutchildren and adults with impossible desires, living at a time when coming ofage is a digital process and reality is an aesthetic choice.

Itwas developed the project at the 2003 Film-makers and Screenwriters Lab and isthe American winner of the 2004 Sundance/NHK International Filmmakers Award.

Kwonwill receive her award at Sundance on Jan 18. In addition to the grant she willbenefit from regular meetings throughout the year with an advisory committeecomprising four working professionals and will also attend the 2004 SundanceProducers Conference, a key networking event.

"Weare thrilled to have found such a strong project and such a worthy and dynamicnew producer to support with this year's Fellowship," Michelle Satter, directorof Sundance's Feature Film Programme, said in a statement.

"Gina'spassion and ongoing commitment to independent film-makers make her the idealrecipient."

Basedin Los Angeles, Kwon has frequently collaborated with Miguel Arteta and MatthewGreenfield's Flan de Coco Films and her credits include The Good Girl anda slew of documentaries.