Writer/director Glenn McQuaid says he plans to follow his festival hit I Sell The Dead with another project exploring the same graverobbing characters.

The Further Adventures of Blake and Grimes” is “not so much a sequel [to I Sell The Dead] but a continuation of this world,” McQuaid tells Screen. He hopes to make that story a comic book first, and potentially turn that into another feature film eventually.

“I love comedy duos,” he says, “like Abbott & Costello or the Two Ronnies or Morecambe & Wise. I love that duo idea, and putting them in a creepy environment. So I wanted them in some way, shape or form, to continue their adventure.”

He says he’s already spoken to I Sell The Dead stars Dominic Monaghan and Larry Fessenden about reprising their roles if a second feature film is made. “They’re curious about it,” he says. “They have great chemistry on screen together, I wouldn’t do it without them. It would have to be another team effort.”

McQuaid, who showed I Sell The Dead last week at the Los Angeles Film Festival after premiering at Slamdance, also noted that Image Comics will publish the comic book version of I Sell The Dead on August 14. Writer/artist Brahm Revel led the comic book effort, which O’Brien said “is a straightfoward adaptation of the story.”

McQuaid gave Revel the final draft of the script before shooting started; in fact comic book panels were given to
actors to help explain ideas before principal photography.

The New York-based, Irish-born director is also working on a script that would be set in inner-city Dublin, about an
older woman who tries to protect her house from criminal elements. “It’s a home invasion comedy of errors,” he explains.

Meanwhile, IFC will release I Sell The Dead in the US theatrically in New York on August 7, in LA on August 14 and on VOD on August 12; Anchor Bay has UK, Canada and Australia rights and is currently setting release plans.