Piracy and otherkey issues will be on the agenda when new MPAA chief Dan Glickman travels toFrance today (22) to hold talks with government ministers.

In his firstofficial trip as MPAA president and chief executive officer, Glickman isheading for the annual Encounters of Beaune and will take part on a panel onpiracy with French Deputy Minister for Industry Patrick Devedjian.

He is alsoscheduled to meet with French Culture Minister Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres tofurther discuss the issue.

"The illegaldownloading of films on peer-to-peer systems on the Internet threatens every filmmakerin the world," Glickman said in a statement.

"I commend theMinister and the French government for their leadership in highlighting theseriousness of the problem and look forward to working hand-in-hand to addressthis challenge and to promote the opportunities offered by the internet."

"I have longadmired French filmmakers for inspiring the world with their creative artistryand storytelling," he continued.

"I welcome theopportunity to travel to Beaune to meet personally with these talented filmmakersand to continue our work together to further strengthen the relationshipbetween the American and French film communities."