MPAA chief Dan Glickman willgive the keynote address at the Frames Convention in Mumbai, India, today [Apr4], as he continues to develop his profile as an international bridge-builderstrong on anti-piracy.

Since succeeding JackValenti as Hollywood's top bureaucrat last year, Glickman has been quick totake the anti-piracy agenda beyond North American borders, and recentlyreturned from a series of meetings with Mexican leader Vicente Fox.

At ShoWest last monthGlickman outlined travel plans that included Europe, India and the FortuneForum in China, telling delegates: "The markets around the world areextraordinary and a critical part of our work, and I will be doing my best tobe a bridge-builder."

On the subject of India hesaid yesterday: "Bollywood and Hollywood have so many common interests andcommon challenges, from the art of making the movies to the stopping the plagueof digital piracy. Both industries can learn from one another and can help eachother in confronting these challenges."