The Global Film Initiative has unveiled the latest batch of ninefilmmakers from the developing world to receive grants under its bi-annualallocation cycle.

The filmmakers will each receive finishing funds to allowthem to complete their projects, and were chosen because their work illustrates"accomplished storytelling, artistic excellence and cultural perspective ondaily life around the world."

Filmmakers use the Institute funds to pay for post-production costs, such as laboratory fees, sound mixing and blow-up fees. The spring 2005 grant recipients are:

99% Murdered
Dir: EstebanSchroeder

Asleep In The Sun
Dir: AlejandroChomski

Dark Legend
Dir: Zhang Ming

The Gaze
Dir: Sepideh Farsi

To Get To Heaven First You Have To Die
Dir: DjamshedUsmonov

I Am From Titov Veles
Dir: Teona Mitevska

Dir: Sabine ElGemayel

The Sacred Lake
Dir: Zeka Laplaine

Dir: RashidMasharawi

The New York-based Global Film Initiative was created topromote cross-cultural understanding through the universal language of cinema.

"As afilmmaker in Argentina, we face deepening challenges to bring our films to awider audience, not to speak of the everyday struggle of just getting a filmdone," said Alejandro Chomski, director of Asleep In The Sun. "Support suchas this is paramount for us independent film makers."

Films supported by the organisation go on a limited US tour of16-18 cities through the Global Lens scheme. See for moreinformation about the Initiative.