Wellspring haspicked up all US rights to Jean-Luc Godard's Notre Musique (Our Music) and plans to release the picture on Dec22 in New York followed by a nationwide roll-out.

TheToronto-bound title premiered at Cannes earlier this year and is styled as ano-holds barred meditation on 20th century Europe, war, Middle Eastern turmoil,cinema and Godard himself.

The pictureblends news footage and fiction, arranging them in the three "kingdoms" ofHell, Purgatory and Paradise, the last of which is guarded by US Marines.

Alain Sarde andRuth Waldburger produced. Wellspring's head of acquisitions Marie ThereseGuirgis negotiated the deal with Carole Baraton on behalf of Wild Bunch.

"This film couldnot be more timely or more welcome," Guirgis said in a statement. "NotreMusique is a reflectionon the ravages of war and a tribute to the indestructible nature of beauty byone of the greatest artists of our time."

Wellspring 2004 releasesinclude Vincent Gallo's curio The Brown Bunny, Cedric Kahn's thriller Red Lights, Jonathan Caouette's autobiographicaldebut Tarnation, andMarco Bellocchio's Red Brigade drama Good Morning, Night, which won the CinemAvvenire Award forbest film at Venice last year.