The expanded company controls a library of more than 1,000 films and creates a powerful West Coast digital entity to rival East Coast competitors like SnagFilms and Cinetic Rights Management.

GoDigital assumes Might’s library, output partnerships and the cable, satellite, IPTV and broadband VoD distribution deal with Lionsgate.

President Logan Mulvey becomes CEO of the new venture and Might Entertainment co-founders Andy Bohn and Jason Beck join the board of directors. 

Mulvey will continue to manage the 10-member GoDigital distribution, marketing and digital delivery team while Bohn and Beck will oversee business development and content acquisitions.

“Once we had the financial resources to expand the business, it was clear that there was no better complementary asset to GoDigital than Might Entertainment,” Mulvey said.

Bohn added: “Beck and I are thrilled to be joining GoDigital’s Board and could think of no better partners than Logan and his team to take the assets we have assembled and leverage them to their fullest potential.”