Gold Circle Films and Vertigo Entertainment are teaming up toadapt William Hjortsberg's 1978 novel Falling Angel, which Alan Parker famously turned intothe 1987 mystery Angel Heart.

While that version madesignificant departures from the novel, Gold Circle and Vertigo plan a morefaithful adaptation, while setting it in the present day.

The project marks Gold Circle and Vertigo's third collaborationfollowing Smoke,which Victor Garcia will shoot early next year, and the recently announced InUtero which New Linewill release in North America.

Gold Circle chief Paul Brooks will produce alongside Vertigoprincipals Roy Lee and Doug Davison, with Scott Niemeyer and Norm Waitt servingas executive producers for Gold Circle.

Vice president of production Zak Kadison will oversee the projectfor Gold Circle and serve as co-producer along with Vertigo executives GabrielMason and Sonny Mallhi.

Falling Angel tells the story of Harry Angel, a private investigator hired bythe mysterious client Louis Cyphre to track down a debt-laden singer namedJohnny Favorite. As Angel becomes more involved in the case he realises he islocked in a battle with the devil himself.

The project iscurrently out to writers.