EXCLUSIVE: Hong Kong’s Golden Scene is producing Fruit Chan’s first Hong Kong-set feature in almost a decade, sci-fi thriller The Midnight After, based on a best-selling novel.

Chan plans to start shooting in June with an ensemble cast including regulars from his previous films, including Wong You Nam (Hollywood Hong Kong), Chui Tien You (Little Cheung) and Sam Lee (Made In Hong Kong). The cast also includes Hong Kong stars Simon Yam, Lam Suet, Janice Man, Kara Hui and Vincci Cheuk.

Based on the novel Lost On A Minibus From Mongkok To Tai Po, the story follows a group of passengers on a minibus who emerge from a tunnel to discover that every single person has disappeared from Hong Kong. Then the remaining passengers start to go missing one by one.

Golden Scene is producing with Fruit Chan and Amy Chin’s One Ninety Films Co. One of Hong Kong’s leading indie directors, known for his wry observations of Hong Kong life, Chan has directed shorts, or features outside Hong Kong, since 2004 horror Dumplings.

Golden Scene is a Hong Kong-based distributor, producer and sales agent, which also recently produced Adam Wong’s streetdancing movie The Way We Dance.