NewLine International's (NLI) Austin Powers In Goldmember scored the 12th highest opening in Australia overthe weekend as it stormed to number one with a $3.07m gross from 329 screens.Averaging a terrific $9,330, the third instalment in the Austin Powers comedy franchise was also the third highest openingfor distributor Roadshow. Goldmember also opened strongly at number one in New Zealand, grossing $373,023from 54 screens for a $6,908 average.

Thusfar in its international campaign Goldmember has overtaken 1999's Austin Powers: The Spy WhoShagged Me, the second picture inthe series, in Puerto Rico, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines andHolland.

In Greece NLI opened the"synthespian" comedy Simone in number one spot, taking $176,428 from 36 screens for an excellent$4,901 average.