The Sundance Film Festival hasunveiled its Premieres section, the final major featureprogramme of the upcoming 2006 jamboree with 17 titles featuring a glitteringarray of Hollywood movie stars such as Bruce Willis, Jennifer Aniston, SharonStone, Winona Ryder, Robin Williams, Edward Norton, Justin Timberlake and JoshHartnett.

World premieres of films byMichel Gondry, Terry Zwigoff, Jonathan Demme and Kirby Dick are among theassortment. Nicole Holofcener's ensemble drama Friends With Money starring Aniston, Catherine Keener, FrancesMcDormand and Joan Cusack will open the festival on Jan 19 and the closingnight screening on Jan 27 is Nick Cassavetes' drama Alpha Dog starring Emile Hirsch, Timberlake, Willis and Stone.

Among the world premieresare Zwigoff's Art School Confidential starring Max Minghella and Anjelica Huston, Clive Gordon's Spanish/UKco-production Cargo, Neil Burger'sThe Illusionist starring Nortonand Gondry's eagerly awaited Gaumont-backed The Science Of Sleep starring Gael Garcia Bernal and CharlotteGainsbourg.


A Little Trip To Heaven (Iceland/USA) Dir: Baltasar Kormakur
A husband and wife tangle with an investigator over her dead brother'smillion-dollar insurance policy.
US Premiere

Alpha Dog (USA) Dir:Nick Cassavetes
A drug dealer becomes one of the youngest men ever to be placed on the FBI'sMost Wanted List.
World Premiere

Art School Confidential (USA)Dir: Terry Zwigoff
An untalented, ambitious young man becomes embroiled in a murder that makes hima celebrity.
World Premiere

Cargo (Spain/UK) Dir: Clive Gordon
A young backpacker in Africa stows away aboard a Europe-bound cargo ship filledwith mysteries.
World Premiere

The Darwin Awards (USA) Dir:Finn Taylor
A forensic detective and an insurance claims officer investigate absurdaccidental deaths.
World Premiere

Don't Come Knocking (Germany/USA) Dir: Wim Wenders
A washed-up Western movie star returns home to the life that has passed him by.
North American Premiere

Friends With Money (USA) Dir: Nicole Holofcener
Drama about three married women, their husbands, and their lone single friend.
World Premiere

Kinky Boots (UK) Dir: Julian Jarrold
In an effort to save his father's small town shoe factory, a man finds anunlikely ally in a brassy cabaret singer.
North American Premiere

Little Miss Sunshine (USA) Dirs:Johnathan Dayton and Valerie Faris
A family determined to get their young daughter into a beauty pageant finaltake a cross-country trip.
World Premiere

Lucky Number Slevin (USA) Dir: PaulMcGuigan
A man finds himself in the middle of a plot to kill one of New York City'sbiggest crime bosses.
World Premiere

Neil Young Heart Of Gold (USA) Dir: Jonathan Demme
Portrait of the musical icon shot over two nights at the Ryman Auditorium inNashville, Tennessee.
World Premiere

The Illusionist (USA)Dir: Neil Burger
A turn-of-the-century Viennese magician uses his skills to secure the love of awoman far above his social standing.
World Premiere

The Night Listener (USA) Dir:Patrick Stettner
A radio show's seemingly biggest fan throws his life into chaos.
World Premiere.

The Science Of Sleep (France/USA) Dir: Michel Gondry
A man held captive by the people in his dreams tries to wake himself up andtake control of his own imaginings.
World Premiere

The Secret Life Of Words (Spain) Dir: Isabel Coixet
A nurse forgoes her first holiday in years, opting to travel to a remote oilrig to care for a burns victim.
North American Premiere

Thank You For Smoking (USA) Dir: Jason Reitman
Satire about a tobacco industry lobbyist who undergoes a change of heart.
US Premiere

This Film Is Not YetRated (USA) Dir: Kirby Dick
Breakthrough investigation into the mysterious world of US film rating and itseffect on American culture.
World Premiere

The festivalruns from January 19-29, 2006. For more details visit the official website