Warner Bros Pictures International's local language picture Goodbye,Lenin rose by aremarkable 47% in its second week in Germany to claim top spot with anestimated $3.6m (Euros 3.4m) from 328 prints. Wolfgang Becker'sfall-of-the-wall comedy-drama has grossed an estimated $7.3m (Euros 6.8m).

Two Weeks Notice continued its strong international run, taking $13.4m over theweekend with 2.2m admissions from 3,255 screens in 33 territories (includingVillage Roadshow territories). Opening number one in Spain, the Hugh Grant andSandra Bullock romantic comedy grossed $1.5m (Euros 1.4m) from 263 screens,beating previous openings from You've Got Mail by 10%, Miss Congeniality by 26%, About A Boy and by 136% and My Big Fat GreekWedding by 127%. InFrance the picture opened well with an estimated 73,200 admissions (includingpreviews) on 32 screens in Paris/suburbs and an estimated 205,000 nationwide.In Israel it opened top of the charts, grossing $155,000 (local currency751,000) from 30 prints. A number one bow in Portugal yielded $227,000 (Euros212,000) from 49 prints, beating past bows from About A Boy by 36%, America's Sweethearts by 78% and My Big Fat Greek Wedding by 262%. Denmark opened in second placebehind local language opener Arven on $214,000 (DKK 1.5m) from 51 screens.

In its second week in Germany, Two Weeks Notice fell 23% to second place with $2.6m(Euros 2.4m) and 385,000 admissions from 713 prints. The estimated runningtotal for the territory is $7.4m (Euros 6.9m) and the distributor will receivethe Bogey Award for passing one million admissions in 10 days. Strong holdoversin Italy, Mexico, Holland, the UK, Austria and South Africa mean the romanticcomedy has an estimated international running total of $54.8m.

Theinternational running total for Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets now stands at $592.6m. Key players areJapan, where the family sequel has grossed $138.2m, UK ($85.8m), Germany($59.8m), France ($50.8m) and Italy (25.9m).