The Goteborg InternationalFilm Festival (GIFF) in association with the Swedish International DevelopmentCooperation Agency (SIDA) has granted another $586,200 (SEK 4m) to films madein countries of transition.

The five latest projects toget development support are: The First Rainy Day by Nguyen Phan Quang Binh (Vietnam) (which earlierreceive Goteborg funding at Pusan), A Thousand Houses of Dreams and Terror by Atiq Rahimi (Afghanistan), La Cite de Plomb by Kaouther Ben H'nia (Tunisia), It's Secret by Martin Mhando (Tanzania), and Transitory by Rossana Lacayo (Nicaragua).

The festival's 2007programme will show a number of projects supported by the fund in the past,including Hamaca Paraguaya by PazEncina, Opera Jawa by GarinNugroho, To Get To Heaven First You Have To Die by Djamshed Usmonov, Lonely Is The Night by Didi Cheeka, and Another Man's Garden by Sol de Carvalho.