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    Bergman Week wraps with best-ever ticket sales


    Visitors to Faro included Istvan Szabo, cinematographer Manuel Alberto Ciaro and Henning Mankell (who has written forthcoming biopic series to be directed by Susanne Bier).

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    United Kingdom - Planet Holywood


    It is no coincidence producer Jo Gilbert is sitting in a new, swish Belfast hotel as she speaks to Screen - the setting is just one part of the radical redevelopment of the city centre.

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    Romania, Israel and Lebanon: the emerging territories of 2007


    The emergence of a body of critically acclaimed work from Romania, Israel and Lebanon, has been among the more surprising developments of 2007.

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    Fresh heir: Director Jean-Marc Vallee and producer Graham King on the set of The Young Victoria


    It is an unseasonably warm mid-October day at Blenheim Palace and under a cloudless blue sky in one of the courtyards of the Oxfordshire stately home, French-Canadian director Jean-Marc Vallee prepares for his next shot. He is in the final week of the 10-week shoot of The Young Victoria, a ...

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    City Of Men (Cidade Dos Homens O Filme)


    Dir: Paulo Morelli, Brazil, 106minsA touching coming-of-age story set against the violence and poverty of Rio's favelas, City of Men is the final instalment in a cycle of work inspired by Fernando Meirelles' City of God. Featuring characters from the three-year-running TV series City of Men that was commissioned following ...

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    Sigur Ros Heima


    Dir: Dean DeBois. Iceland 2007. 97 mins.The haunting music of Reykjavik-formed band Sigur Ros and the breathtaking beauty of the Icelandic landscape are showcased to impressive effect in the concert film Sigur Ros Heima. Taking its title from the Icelandic for 'At Home' or 'Homeland', the film follows the four-member ...

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    Razzle Dazzle: A Journey Into Dance


    Dir: Darren Ashton. Australia 95 minsFollowing two children's dance troupes as they compete for top prize in a prestigious national tournament, Razzle Dazzle: A Journey Into Dance is an intermittently amusing backstage comedy that skewers the rampaging egos and vaulting ambition of its ragbag of aspiring show-biz types. Filmed in ...

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    Brideshead Revisited: world of Waugh


    Edward Lawrenson visits the set of Brideshead Revisited and talks to director Julian Jarrold about his fresh approach to the classic story.

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    Die Hard 4.0 (Live Free Or Die Hard)


    Dir: Len Wiseman. US. 2007. 129mins'You're a Timex watch in a digital age'. So says the smooth master criminal pitted against Bruce Willis' action-hero cop John McClane in Die Hard 4.0 (known as Live Free Or Die Hard in the US), the much anticipated fourth instalment of the franchise. The ...

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    Smokin' Aces


    Dir: Joe Carnahan. US-UK-Fr. 2006. 109minsThe body count stacks up like gambling chips in a high-stakes poker game in Smokin' Aces, a gleefully bloody, wickedly outrageous crime thriller set mostly in a Lake Tahoe casino hotel. Directed with Vegas-like flash by Joe Carnahan, the film is a giddy triumph of ...

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    Night At The Museum


    Dir: Shawn Levy. 2006. US. 108mins

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    UK cinemagoing survey to change format


    The UK's annual research into cinema andits audiences, CAVIAR (Cinema and Video Audience Research) is being revamped bythe CAA for its 24th study.

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    MEDIA grants $14,000 to EFP for 2007 programmes


    The MEDIAProgramme of the European Union will back European Film Promotion with $859,430(Euros 650,000) for EFP's promotional events and activities and a further $568,546(Euros 430,000) for Film Sales and Support.

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    Goteborg Fund backs five new features


    The Goteborg InternationalFilm Festival (GIFF) in association with the Swedish International DevelopmentCooperation Agency (SIDA) has granted another $586,200 (SEK 4m) to films madein countries of transition.

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    Fleur Knopperts joins Sheffield team


    The Sheffield InternationalDocumentary Film Festival has appointed Fleur Knopperts as industry andmarketplace director.