Gran Torinoruled the roost of Hollywood releases overseas over a modest weekend as the drama grossed a further estimated $8.8m from more than 2,500 screens in 38 markets through Warner Bros Pictures International, raising the tally to $60m.

The film launched in second place behind Slumdog Millionaire in Brazil on $409,000 from 104 screens, scoring the biggest opening weekend for a Clint Eastwood release. It ranked number one in Spain after $1.8m from 263 raised the tally to $8.4m after three weekends and second behind local title La Matassa in Italy after $1.7m from 341 in the second weekend elevated the score to $4.8m.

Fuelled by the springtime Fete Du Cinema in France, Gran Torino delivered an excellent $1.6m from 481 in its fourth weekend to rank second behind the launch of local title Coco and stands at $16.7m. Latest figures put Gran Torino on $9.6m in Australia after nine weekends, $9.5m in the UK after four, and $2.9m in Germany after three.

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
is days away from crossing $200m overseas after a $1.6m haul from 2,365 screens in 54 markets boosted the tally to $199.4m. The drama has amassed $25.2m in Japan, $20.3m in France, $19.7m in Germany, $15.2m in Spain, $14.3m in Italy, $13.1m in the UK, $11.3m in Australia, $8m in Brazil, $7.3m in Mexico, and $7m in South Korea.

PPI reported a spectacular early foray for DreamWorks Animation’s family release Monsters Vs Aliens in Russia and Ukraine, scoring number one launches in both for a combined $6.9m haul from 632 sites.

The fact that these are two key piracy markets necessitated an advance release ahead of the film’s North American launch next weekend, however that is not to detract from the extraordinary results here.

Monsters Vs Aliens grossed $6.6m from 755 screens at 560 locations in Russia and delivered the biggest rouble gross for an original animated film and the fourth highest for any animated film behind Madagascar 2, Shrek The Third and Ice Age 2. In local currency, bearing in mind the rouble has lost by more than 50% of its value since late last year, PPI said the film opened 15% ahead of Kung Fu Panda, 80% bigger than Wall E and 82% up on Bolt. In dollar amount it is still 22% up on Wall E and 47% up on Bolt.

The $17,000 3D per screen over 115 screens was well ahead of the $6,700 average for conventional 2D screens and all showings at three IMAX venues sold out over the weekend. Overall 32% of the business came from 3D venues from only 15% of the prints.

In the Ukraine the film grossed $350,000 from 72 screens, scoring the second highest local currency gross for an original animated film and the fifth highest for any animation. In dollar terms it was 132% ahead of Ice Age 2 and 61% ahead of Bolt.

Meanwhile Watchmen added $7m from 4,338 locations in 58 territories for a $60.1m international running total and crossed $10m in the UK, where $847,000 from 382 following a 53% drop raised the tally to $10.6m.

Teen release Hotel For Dogs grossed $1.8m from 1,824 venues in 47 territories for $37.1m and added $461,000 from 205 in the second weekend in Spain following an 11% drop for $1.1m. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa stands at $406m and has taken $3.3m after two weekends in Japan. Friday The 13th stands at $23m.

Fox International’s Marley & Me added $8.8m from 2,909 screens in 38 territories to raise the tally to $61.9m, fired up by a $2.9m number one hold in the second weekend in the UK from 476 screens that boosted the early running total to $11.5m.

The family comedy launched in seven new markets, among them Spain, where it debuted in third place on $1.4m from 300. Marley & Me added $970,984 from 549 in the third weekend in Germany for $6.9m and stands at $4.9m in France after three. There was a decent hold in Holland as $228,310 from 87 placed third and raised the total after three weekends to $1.4m.

The manga adaptation Dragonball Evolution grossed $3.6m in its second weekend from 1,199 in eight territories for $16.5m. It added just over $1m in Japan from 540 for a $5.2m running total and stands at $1.4m in South Korea and Malaysia and remains the number one release in Thailand on $881,101.

The action title 12 Roundsdebuted in its first international market of Australia on $240,762 from 134, while wartime thriller Valkyriestands at $105.9m through all distributors following a mighty $4m non-Fox launch in Japan.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International’s Confessions Of A Shopaholic plundered a further $4.3m from 2,064 sites in 20 territories to raise the tally to $37.9m.

The romantic comedy held on to the top in its second weekend in Australia as $1.2m from 247 following a 37% decline elevated the score to $3.7m. Elsewhere it opened number one in Belgium on $320,000 from 85 and added $765,000 from 400 in its second weekend in Germany after dropping 48% for $3m.

Confessions Of A Shopaholic held on to the number one slot in Holland on $370,000 from 80 for $1.1m after two, and grossed $215,000 from 85 in Sweden.

The Adam Sandler comedy Bedtime Stories stayed on course to become the US comedian’s biggest international hit as it crossed $100m. Disney chiefs expect it to overtake You Don’t Mess With The Zohan by next weekend after adding $2.6m from 2,062 screens in 21 territories for a $101.7m running total. The film launched in Japan on $1.3m from 150 and has amassed $4.3m in Spain after three weekends.

Animated feature Boltadded climbed to $177m thanks to a $1.2m haul from 1,887 screens in 37. It opens in Japan on August 1. Family adventure Race To Witch Mountain remains active in five smaller markets and added $850,000 from 400 screens for an early $2.9m running total. It opens in Mexico and Russia next weekend.

Universal/UPI’s crime caper Duplicity opened day-and-date with North America in 11 territories and grossed $4.2m from 998 venues. The film ranked third in Spain on $1.5m from 290 and third in the UK on $1.2m from 354. Duplicity opened well in Australia on $1.1m from 199 dates and ranked third in New Zealand 3 on $100,000 from 45 dates.

Horror title The Unbornadded $2.5m from 1,442 locations in 29 territories for $23.6m, powered by a number three launch in Brazil that produced $340,000 from 120. UPI released Cattleya’s Italian comedy Diverso Da Chi in third place in Italy on $1.4m from 302. Changeling stands at $75.2m, The Tale Of Despereaux has amassed $32.7m, and Coraline stands at $4.6m in Mexico after seven weeks in release.

Paul Blart: Mall Copgrossed a further $3.7m from 985 screens in eight markets for Sony Pictures Releasing International as the tally climbed to an early $5.2m. The English-speaking territories were the key drivers as the comedy launched in second place in the UK on $1.9m from 400 screens and debuted in second place in Australia on $1m from 196.

Corruption thriller The International added $2.1m from 1,270 in 42 for $20.1m and opened in four key markets, scoring fifth place in Italy on $540,000 from 172, third in Greece on $230,000 from 45, fifth in Mexico on $200,000 from 151, and second in Colombia on $60,000 from 40.

Underworld: Rise Of Lycansgrossed $1.7m from 1,175 screens in 25 markets for $38m through all distributors. The fantasy action release opened in fourth place in Taiwan on $145,000 from 70 and scored a number one debut in Chile on $70,000 from 31. Comedy The Pink Panther 2 added $1.2m from 1,790 screens in 56 markets for $33.2m.