UPDATED: Gravity pulled in more than estimated over the weekend, earning a confirmed $28.4m from its initial launch on 4,830 screens in 27 markets through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI).

In a slew of number one debuts, Alfonso Cuaron’s film starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, which scored a record North American October debut on approximately $56m, took $7.5m in Russia from 1,219 with 3D accounting for 92% of the result.

Germany delivered $3.9m from 675 including previews with a 95% 3D share, while Australia generated $3.3m from 469 and 59% 3D share.

Gravity defied the competition in Italy to produce $2.8m from 377 and 96% 3D share, as Spain delivered $2.3m from 328 and 54% 3D share and Taiwan generated approximately $958,000 from 105.

The film is set to touch down in Brazil on October 11, South Korea on October 17, Mexico on October 18, France on October 23 and the UK on November 8. 

Internationally on 89 IMAX runs, Gravity grossed $3.3m for a screen average of more than $36,500.  Around 33% of total box office in Holland came from IMAX. Factoring in the $11.8m IMAX October record from 323 North American screens, the worldwide tally as of Sunday stood at $15.1m from 412 screens to shatter the October mark by more than $10m.

WBPI is on a roll. Horror smash The Conjuring generated $4.9m from 1,980 screens in 53 markets to reach $168.6m while comedy hit We’re The Millers crossed $100m as $5.1m from 2,480 in 55 elevated the running total to $103.6m.

  • UPDATED: Last weekend’s champion Young Detective Dee: Rise Of The Sea Dragon from the Huayi Brothers added $19.5m. Tsui Hark’s adventure has raced to $72m, the bulk of which comes from China except roughly $1.5m from Chinese-speaking territories.
  • UPDATED: DreamWorks Animation’s Turbo took $9.5m from 3,896 screens in 15 markets through Fox International to reach $112.6m. The family film opened at number two in Germany on $2.8m from 969 and added $2.1m from 358 in the third weekend in Australia to reach $9.5m.

Runner Runner opened in Spain and Brazil among others, earning $7.5m from 4,375 screens as the early tally climbed to $23.6m.

The Justin Timberlake-Ben Affleck thriller, which opened at number three in North America, took $762,793 from 345 in a number four start in Spain and debuted in Brazil on $525,972 from 128. It added $1m from 1,212 in the second weekend in Russia for $4.9m.

The Heat generated $1.1m from 562 screens in 12 markets for $68.6m. The Internship added $1.2m from 14 for $47.6m and Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters brought in a further $1.8m for $122.3m.

The Wolverine stands at $243.8m and arrives in China on October 17. Fox International Productions’ Raja Rani held on to number one in India on an estimated $1.2m for $5.7m after two weekends.

  • UPDATED: Sony Pictures Releasing International top brass reported that Insidious: Chapter 2 added $8.9m from 1,628 screens in 28 markets to reach an early $15.8m. The horror sequel opened at number two in Russia on $4.3m from 650 to immediately overtake the lifetime total of the first film. It arrived at number four in France on $1.5m from 260.

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2 added $7.9m from 2,535 in 15 for $9.5m. The family release opened top in Brazil on $3.3m from 640 and arrived in second place in Mexico on $3m from 1,001.

The Smurfs 2 added $6.4m from 3,789 in 66 for $261.5m and remains potent in Australia and Italy. The sequel managed $1.7m in the former from 315 for $10.6m after four weekends and $1.6m in Italy from 570 for $8m after three.

2 Guns produced $4.2m from 1,907 screens in 35 SPRI markets to reach $22.6m and added $1.6m in the second weekend in Germany from 563 for $3.7m. White House Down stands at $127.5m.

  • Rush added an estimated $7.5m through Exclusive Media licensees to stand at $31.5m. The F1 drama took a further $1.2m through StudioCanal in its fourth weekend in the UK to stand at $12.7m.
  • The Lone Ranger opened in its final market of China through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International and a $7m result from the first two days boosted the international running total to $165.9m heading into a one-day holiday there.

Planes added $5.9m from 46 territories for $92.3m and the animation stands at $12.8m in the UK and $7.6m in Spain.

  • Lionsgate International executives reported that Prisoners ventured into 10 new markets and added $5.7m for an early $14.1m from 32. The thriller debuted in South Korea on $900,000 from 297 screens and continues to play well in the UK, where a $1.9m number one hold from 440 raised the tally to $5.6m after the second weekend. Riddick grossed $2.5m from 55 markets for $48m.
  • UPDATED: Despicable Me 2 pulled past $510m through Universal Pictures International (UPI) thanks to a $4.9m haul from 2,190 sites in 36 territories.

Now the ninth highest grossing animation in history on $510.4m, the family smash opened at number one in Serbia & Montenegro, Slovenia and Turkey. The last delivered the fourth highest animation launch and Universal’s second highest behind Fast 6.

Despicable Me 2 stayed top in its third weekend in Japan where a further $2.1m from 325 boosted the score to $17m to overtake the $14.9m final gross of its predecessor. The film arrives in Italy and Greece this week.

Working Title’s Rachel McAdams rom-com About Time grossed $1.3m from 714 in 15 for an early $13.9m running total and opened to what UPI executives described as “good” albeit unspecified results in Finland, Hong Kong and Turkey. The film has generated $10.9m in the UK after five weekends and there are 48 territories to go.

R.I.P.D. has grossed $41.6m from 16 and the recent Toronto Midnight Madness world premiere Witching & Bitching (Las Brujas De Zugarramurdi) added $1.1m from 347 in its second weekend in Spain to reach $3.3m.

German-language family film V8 has taken roughly $707,000 in Germany after two weekends. And $852,676 from Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Man Of Tai Chi opened in UAE and the Middle East, earning around $606,000 from 73 sites for an early $1.6m tally.