Randy Greenberg, the former head of Universal's international theatrical division, and TV producer Jackie Kassoria have teamed up to option psychologist and talk radio host Irene C Kassorla's book Miracle At Springfield Hospital.

The story charts Dr Kassorla's early career in London when she revived a catatonic schizophrenic mental patient who had remained mute and immobile for 30 years. Nancy Hendrickson has been hired to adapt the screenplay.

'Dr Kassorla's lifetime achievement is truly incredible,' Greenberg, now president and chief executive officer of consultancy The Greenberg Group, said.

'When Jackie brought me this story, I instantly knew the potential it had for a strong female lead. With Hendrickson's passion for characters and appreciation for the doctor's struggle with the male-dominated British medical community, we knew we would be working with a tremendous screenplay.'

Greenberg served as the head of Universal' international theatrical division from 2001 to 2004 and prior to that worked at MGM's Los Angeles international theatrical division.

Kassorla is a former host of a daily gardening show and worked as a television executive in news and special programming production at Univision and Telemundo's TV networks.